Cultural appropriation or cultural inspiration?

Amanda PL comes under fire for appropriating indigenous styles

Some say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Others call it cultural appropriation.

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The future of health care in America

GOP ‘American Health Care Act’ is the latest chapter of US medical saga

Health care has once again taken center stage in American politics, as the House of Representatives punts an Obamacare replacement to the Senate.

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How do you solve a problem like Korea?

Outcome of the current game of chicken between U.S. and North Korea is uncertain

For decades the Korean peninsula has maintained a persistent state of conflict, a ceasefire acting as the thin red line separating peace from all-out war.

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Humorless Trump accidentally makes April Fools’ Day joke

Declares April to be “Sexual Assault Awareness Month”

Donald Trump is known for many things: claiming to be far richer than he is, his man-crush on Vladimir Putin, juvenile tweets, trophy wives, pathological lying and somehow becoming President of the United States.

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March for Science: protesting Republican ignorance

Nationwide protests planned on Earth Day

International scientists are pondering boycotts of conferences held in America due to the increasingly hostile anti-intellectual climate fulminating across the country.

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