Newt Gingrich shamelessly promotes fiction on Hannity

Latest appearance cements his plight from politician to huckster

Newt Gingrich appeared on  Hannity Monday night in a conspicuous display of product placement, as he chose to seat himself in front of a shelf of neatly stacked copies of his novel Treason.

Though ostensibly there to provide political opinion, this act of shameless self-promotion  is unsurprising since Gingrich is only four years removed from allegedly running for president so that his wife could sell children’s books. While he once sat down with Nancy Pelosi to commendably advocate for bipartisan solutions to climate change, Gingrich’s more recent positions have shown his placement in the broad right-wing embrace of anti-intellectualism and denial of science. Like 2012, he has primarily participated in this election as a peddler of fiction, and his grotesque defences of Donald Trump have exposed a moral compass south of Glenn Beck’s.

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