Trump’s “rigging” talk invades Twitterverse

#IfTheMediaRiggedTheElection trends Wednesday afternoon

Donald Trump’s whiney insistence that the media has rigged the election against him has reached a fever pitch both on the stump and with his self-described legion of “deplorables,” shown in these tweets below:

Many of Trump’s supporters readily lap up the heavily-filtered reality served up daily by Trump himself and fringe news outlets like Breitbart and InfoWars. In this world, straight-reporting of Trump’s words is a “hit piece;” the market share of social media and right-wing outfits like Fox News aren’t counted; increasingly conspiratorial webs showing a dizzying array of complex relationships between members of the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign are drawn up. The worst hypocrisy of Trump and his supporters is actually just how much he owes to the media. Without the national profile that Trump built in tabloids and reality television, a competitive presidential run could not have been possible. Without the $3 Billion in free media coverage he has received to date, the vanquishing of his primary opponents would not have been so easy. Trump’s only task after winning the GOP primary was to demonstrate basic human decency to the large swathe of the electorate who found him temperamentally unfit to represent the country. Failing that, he chose to bite the hand that has fed him so generously.

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