Trump’s much-ballyhooed Gettysburg speech falls flat

Site of Lincoln’s famed unification address desecrated by divisive appeals

Trump threatened to level lawsuits, repeated his promise to build a wall along the southern border and suggested cutting funding to the United Nations while his supporters appeared to simultaneously erect the Confederate flag as he was speaking.

Many on Twitter were not impressed:

Not only was nothing new presented by Trump at Gettysburg, but his attempt to align himself with the party of Lincoln only highlighted the contrasts. Lincoln fought for the disenfranchised; Trump fights against them. Lincoln fought for national unity; Trump fights for division. Most importantly though, is that Lincoln ended one of the darkest chapters in American history through the abolition of slavery, while Trump’s alt-right campaign has contributed to the writing of a new dark chapter. Women, Latinos, Muslims, POWs and the disabled have all been abused by his rhetoric, and this dark legacy already looks to outlive the length of his putrescent White House bid.

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