Trump breathes new life into iconic feminist catchphrase

“Nasty woman” remark illustrates how the personal is political

Immediately after Donald Trump snidely called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” during the third Presidential debate, the phrase reverberated through television and the Twitterverse.

The attack on Clinton apparently backfired, as women felt energized in their efforts to keep Trump out of the White House and reclaim the “nasty woman” label – Katy Perry, for example, was quickly spotted donning conspicuous “nasty woman” apparel shortly after the debate. This is an instance where the theory of the personal is political is striking. Most women have had nasty names hurled at them during their lifetimes. What was personal before became political for many the night of the third debate. The movement is exemplary of the rhyzomatic roots of personal experiences, which form the tree that shapes American politics. By reclaiming the phrase, women collectively subverted its derogatory intention and captured a sense of agency.

Trump’s debate remarks can be seen here:

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