Trump continues to sleep shame Hillary Clinton

But studies show sleep deprivation is an epidemic

Throughout the 2016 election, Donald Trump has repeatedly bashed Hillary Clinton for sleeping, saying to Dana Bash of CNN today that “Hillary Clinton does one stop and then she goes home and sleeps.”

While there is no evidence that Trump’s claims about Clinton are true, his regular 3 am tweeting sprees demonstrate the likelihood that he suffers from chronic sleep deprivation. Trump does not suffer alone with this condition. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study has shown almost two-thirds of Americans get insufficient sleep, which can lead to a rash of health conditions including heart disease, a weakened immune system and weight gain. Although Trump has previously attacked people just for being Latino or women, the attacks on those who sleep ought to be shunned – because staying awake too much can kill you.

See Trump’s exchange with Dana Bash here:

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