58 percent of wildlife has vanished: WWF report

Economic development threatens to collapse Earth’s biodiversity

The World Wildlife Fund’s biennial report on the status of global species contained some alarming new findings: almost two-thirds of wild vertebrate populations have disappeared since 1970.


Rebounding gray wolf populations in the lower 48 are evidence of successful conservation

The primary culprits for this shocking decline – habitat loss, climate change, widespread pollution and poaching – all have one common source: reckless human economic development. Reckless, since complex biodiversity fuels nature’s services to the economy, such as fresh water flows, healthy fisheries, pollination of crops, medicine and breathable air, valued into the trillions of dollars (if not priceless). As biodiversity is a key component to any future human economy, let alone a livable biosphere, there must be a dual nourishing of economy and environment. This could be accomplished with a broad expansion of protected land and waters linked by wildlife corridors, along with an economic regime favoring clean energy.



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