600,000 children die of air pollution each year: Unicef

New study underscores importance of Paris Agreement to curb toxic air

China knocked US presidential candidate Donald Trump’s dismissal of the Paris Agreement today, as a new study was published confirming that well over half a million children die each year from dangerous emissions.

Trump has characterized climate change as a Chinese hoax

Just last week Trump’s energy advisor, House Representative Kevin Cramer, described the landmark 200 nation agreement as “one more bad trade deal” and suggested Trump may snuff it out by sending it to the Senate for an official rejection. Without American leadership in reducing global emissions, it is unlikely other countries could be compelled to make any significant reductions of their own. The Unicef study follows air quality research conducted by MIT and others, showing that one person every six minutes dies of pollution, on average – including 200,000 Americans each year. Entrenched political opposition to improving air quality is especially puzzling given the dire short-term health consequences of pollution, even if many lack concern over long-term catastrophic climate change.

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