Trump’s long record of lying has not hurt his poll numbers

Plurality of voters say he is the “more honest” candidate

Whether or not Trump comes out on top this election, his Republican campaign has accomplished at least a couple of remarkable feats: duping voters into believing him to be better on the economy and more honest than his rival, Hillary Clinton.

73% of Clinton’s statements have been rated true by Politifact

The two are not necessarily unrelated. By refusing to release his tax returns – in other words, lying by omission – Trump has been able to claim the air of a successful businessman without ever verifying it. Even though 70% of his statements throughout the campaign have been verified false, he has clearly used them to great effect, reinforcing Clinton’s troubles with emails while sidestepping his own legal battles – all 75 of them. Although the experts and objective facts show Trump’s economic plans and honesty to be positively calamitous, his pattern of repetition has superseded any attempt to correct the record. Trump has brought the “the Big lie” to American elections like no other – and it worked.

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