Michele Pred discusses post-9/11 society in art installation

Encirclement contextualizes once mundane objects

Conceptual artist Michele Pred has been opening discussion about post-9/11 American society through her found-object art installations, currently on display at Fort Winfield Scott at Langdon Court in San Francisco.

November marks the 15th anniversary of the Aviation and Transportation Act, the act that established the TSA. Shortly after the Act was passed, Michele Pred appealed to acquire the confiscated items from San Francisco International Airport. The attempt took three undertakings, but what she came away with provided a wealth of material for a decade long political art endeavor. Encirclement is one of Pred’s political pieces on display along with the works of 15 other internationally renowned artists showcased in the Home Land Security exhibition. Encirclement is a floor piece comprised primarily of confiscated items she retrieved from San Francisco International Airport: scissors, razor blades, corkscrews and other once mundane metal objects now seen as threats to public safety, methodically placed into a halo shape. Pred’s selection of objects illustrate the metaphorical thread displayed in the artist’s political work. 

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