American Petroleum Institute wastes millions of dollars on “energy voter” ads

Vote4Energy campaign supports Earth-choking fuels of the past

Advertising campaigns full of disinformation are a staple of election cycles.

The American Petroleum Institute spent $73.5 million on ads during the 2012 election cycle

But perhaps the most obnoxious are from the outré Vote4Energy campaign featuring “ordinary folks” force-fed lines to read to the camera promoting “traditional” oil and gas. It is a little unclear what they actually want voters to do, though one could assume it would be to vote for politicians supportive of Arctic drilling, Keystone XL and expanded hydraulic fracking and offshore drilling. While they don’t support specific candidates, their endgame is likely to gin up a grassroots base of emissions cheerleaders among the population. But since oil and gas unfortunately reigns supreme, there is no reason to vote for it – it’s not disappearing any time soon. The real “energy voters” this election will be voting for renewable-friendly policies that actually diversify our supply and penetrate the market with modern emissions free technology, such as Obama’s Clean Power Plan or Clinton’s four year pledge to install half-a-billion solar panels.

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