The system is rigged – against American cities and the coasts

Protests highlight absurdity of electoral process

It will be debated for years to come whether Trump won the 2016 election because of his racism and misogyny or in spite of it.

A vote from Wyoming is equal to almost four votes from California when choosing a President

What will never need debating is why his election is being protested. In cities across America, thousands upon thousands are standing up to be among the counted who believe that neither racism nor misogyny has any place in American political discourse. That Trump’s divisive strategy was a winning one is debatable, since his Democratic opponent actually garnered more votes than the bigoted President-elect. And why should voters in the Midwest receive a radically more powerful vote than those on the east or west coasts? Though it was Trump who complained about a rigged election, progressives everywhere now realize the joke has been on them: the Electoral College system, Senate designations and House districts all stubbornly favor the rural Republican base at the expense of the urban economic engines that many Democrats call home. The voice of urbanites may have been systemically drowned out on Election Day, but they will be making them heard over the weekend.

Featured Image: NBC News

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