Surge in calls to crisis hotlines in wake of Trump victory

The campaigns have ended, but angst continues

Chicago has experienced a 200 percent increase in calls to mental health support hotlines since Donald Trump became President-elect, indicative of the state of fear and uncertainty that many immigrant, LGBTQ, victims of sexual assault and even EPA employees are dealing with at the moment.

The startling statistics prompted Mayor Rahm Emanuel to reassure Chicagoans that their 30 year-long history of being a sanctuary city would not change, while vowing to protect unauthorized immigrants from deportation. Nationally, the numbers are even worse with a 250 percent spike in calls to crisis centers. This exponential increase spotlight the unprecedented level of fear triggered by an American election, following the unprecedented number of political norms shattered by Trump.  Activism is healing in ways beyond emotional catharsis. Protesting to be heard and to show support with other disaffected voters may be the only way to regain agency in an election that seemed to devastate the popular consensus of America.

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