Trump victory devastating to economy and environment

Climate skeptic takes over EPA as 2016 is declared hottest year on record

Appointing fossil fuel stooge Myron Ebell head of the Environmental Protection Agency transition is a little like putting anti-vaccine activist Jenny McCarthy in charge of the Office of the Surgeon General: don’t be shocked when measles breaks out.

Trump has made coal mining and oil fracking central to his economic plans

In this case, the incoming administration is demonstrating that its blatant disregard for environmental protection was not just bluster. Ebell has spent a career oscillating between denying climate change altogether, or inexcusably professing the good climate changes might bring – not to mention simultaneously working to strip endangered wildlife of any protections. Though the long-term effect of a Trump administration could very well be ecological catastrophe, in the near-term the US risks ceding global economic influence to emerging green tech giants like China, Germany and others who are building a 21st century economy. Meanwhile, Trump and the GOP are preparing to steer America straight into the headwinds of time, on a bootless errand searching for a bygone “greatness.”

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