Trump’s infrastructure plan causes stir among architects

Infrastructure plan has some seeing dollar signs, others seeing a con

Donald Trump has pledged to work with Congress to pass an American Infrastructure Act within his first 100 days as President – a one trillion dollar investment in American infrastructure over the next 10 years.

In order to do update the nation’s infrastructure his administration will need the support and expertise of the nation’s architects, which had some chomping at the bit. Robert Ivy, the executive vice president of the Architecture Institute of America (AIA), has signalled his support towards working with the incoming Trump administration, prompting backlash among its members. Last week, Fritz Read submitted his resignation from the AIA, not able to stomach the idea of working with an administration headed by a such a divisive figure, with multiple racist statements and bankruptcies to his name.

American architects have every reason to be unsettled with the notion of working, palms open, with the President-elect because he has proven to be a shrewd crony capitalist; with his resume littered with scams, business failures and a long list of cheated vendors – including architects. While it was a bad idea for voters to put one of the worst abusers of the nation’s treasury in charge of it, it could be even worse for others to voluntarily follow him off the cliff. If somebody has got to pick up the pieces of the AIA when it’s all over, it could be those like Fritz Read at the top of the list.

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