Recount underway in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania could be next

Jill Stein leads efforts to challenge results in swing states

The 2016 election contained many firsts: the first female nominated for President by any major party; the first time a blatantly unqualified candidate won the nomination of the other party; the first time foreign influence played an influencing role in the outcome; the first time the electoral college’s runner-up actually beat with winner by over two million votes; and now, the first time recounts are expected in three different states, courtesy of quack doctor-turned-Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

The Clinton campaign today announced that they will participate in the recount process. While the recounts are not likely to change the outcome, at a minimum they will help dam the barrage of conspiracy theories that will inevitably flood from an election in which both a foreign power and antiquated electoral system nakedly defied the will of the people. Though it provides no solace to those of us reeling with disgust by Trump’s early actions since his shock election victory, we have nothing to lose from challenges to the results. Count on.

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