Havana’s architectural delights, in pictures

City’s buildings document 500 years of history

The architecture of Havana is a testament to the city’s illustrative history and a phantasmagoric periscope into the most celebrated architectural movements in Western history.

The different socio-political eras of the country, from the dominion of Spanish rule, to the period after José Martí’s  war for independence and the revolution lead by the late Fidel Castro; all are captured by by Havana’s architectural vernacular. The colonial architecture of Havana is imbued with the various cultures that have passed through the island over the centuries, including Moorish, Spanish, Greek, Roman and Italian. While most of Old Havana are reminiscent of the colonial era, a few steps to the neighborhoods of Vedado or Miramar showcase 20th Century modern schools of design like neo-Moorish, art deco, modern minimalism and Soviet-inspired apartment blocks.

Below are a few of our favorite buildings that Havana has on showcase. Click for descriptions.


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