Indiana taxpayers now subsidizing a multinational conglomerate

Trump’s Carrier deal previews “trickle-up” economic policies

While the details have not been released, it appears that Trump is tickled pink over a new deal between his running mate’s administration in Indiana and United Technologies to keep about 800 jobs in the state at a cost of at least seven million taxpayer dollars.

The deal has won both  praise and criticism, not least because it bucks the trend of outsourcing American labor. And while we would all like to see more manufacturing jobs, they should be retained in a fashion that benefits public coffers for the purposes of health, education and infrastructure, rather than deplete those revenues to the benefit of corporate fat cats. Subsidies that benefit renewable energy infrastructure, for example, would employ many more people, clean our air, reduce energy costs and put money in the hands of upstart innovators as opposed to entrenched conglomerates. Instead, Trump is unleashing trickle-up economics, transferring money from small businesses who actually support the community to multinationals that will outsource their labor at the next earliest opportunity. All this before he has even been sworn in.

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