Trump administration prepares war on science

Plans drawn up to target climate scientists

Like oil and water, Republicans and science just do not mix.

They have battled against evolution taught in the classroom, the fact that rape can cause pregnancy and even medical breakthroughs like stem cell research. Trump is showing himself to be no different in this regard, only with a new authoritarian twist: a questionnaire has been devised for employees of the Department of Energy intended to identify any researchers, contractors or officials who have played any role in Obama’s efforts to curb American emissions. The exact purpose of this invasive questionnaire can only be surmised, but given the plethora of climate change-deniers already filling out Trump’s cabinet, it would not be a stretch to imagine that the incoming administration intends to blacklist any civil servants who are not like-minded. Potential repercussions of such a move could be severe; to date, the civil service has been a rare space for non-partisanship, and politicization of the nation’s bureaucracies – in addition to the increasingly politicized court and education systems – could cripple continuity of government. If science is put under the boot of bizarre right-wing ideology, progress under non-partisan bodies of the military, NASA and Department of Energy would permanently cease.

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