Newest Trump appointment increases friction with China

Peter Navarro has history of demonizing the Asian power

No sooner did we speculate about a coming war with China than was Peter Navarro, China-antagonist extraordinaire, appointed to a trade post in the President-elect’s incoming administration.

Navarro is best known for penning Death by China, a widely-panned analysis describing how the innocent and good of America have been taken for a ride by the wily nation of the Orient. While the premise that western manufacturing has largely moved to China is correct, it is wildly inaccurate to state that this happened due to the nefarious machinations of the Chinese. Like illegal immigration, outsourcing is a byproduct of Americans looking to save money; think restaurant owners or the hiring of nannies and gardeners in the case of the former, and companies such as Wal-Mart in the case of the latter. While outsourcing is a legitimate economic anxiety for many working-class citizens, American businesses shifting capital overseas are largely to blame. If Peter Navarro got his way and outsourcing to China halted tomorrow, there is no reason it would not occur in India or Malaysia instead. However elementary the worldview of the incoming administration may be, Chinese state media has indicated that it will not take the belligerence of Donald Trump lying down, writing:

“China is being restrained in its response towards Trump’s words, because he hasn’t officially taken office yet… But such an attitude will certainly change after Trump is in the White House.”

Hang onto your hats.

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