Open marriage is the future of relationships

Changing divorce rates offer insights

Divorce rates are falling, and here are a couple of reasons why:

Does monogamy work? Over half of all men and women report committing infidelity

First, people are typically getting married later in life if at all, meaning there is a smaller pool of married people susceptible to divorce. Second, is the quiet revolution in relationship patterns that has been sweeping through America: the revolution of open relationships. If pathological jealousy, resentment and infidelity are key drivers of many breakups and divorces today, the open relationship, or consensual non-monogamy, promises a fix by deleting sex from the category of monogamy. And why not? More than one in five Americans report having been in an open relationship of some type, and those who are in one currently also report higher levels of happiness, health and sexual activity – as if those three things are unrelated.  To back the theory that open relationships lead to less divorce, this growing trend seems most prevalent in the liberal states of the west coast and northeast where, not coincidentally, divorce rates are far lower than their more socially conservative counterparts. Though it defies conventional thinking on soulmates and the one true love, consensual non-monogamy adheres to the evolutionary history of our species, which demanded multiple sexual partners by both sexes for reproduction and child-rearing; in other words, love and sex have always been two different things, whether we like it or not. Like fast food, it appears that monogamy is just one more peculiarity offered up by the modern world that we would be better off without.

Photo: Huffington Post

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