Dawn of the “We Party”

Trump becomes catalyst for progressive mobilization

By all accounts, Trump’s inauguration festivities were palpably eclipsed by those protesting it.

Colorful slogans were bountiful on protest signs over the weekend

While only 250,00 Americans descended on Washington to support the new POTUS, half a million protesters in D.C. were joined by nearly five million others in Denver, Milwaukee, New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston, with support around the globe. This is the We Party. It is an intensive repudiation of what Trump represents. From the repugnant sexualization of his own daughters, contempt for women, suffocating narcissism, bullying of minorities and disabled, complete lack of civility during his White House quest – Trump has become a symbol, a living manifestation for all that is wrong with society. Throw in his many financial conflicts of interest, Russian ties and loss of the popular vote, it is burdensome even accepting the legitimacy of his Oval Office occupation.

The We Party provides an important counter-narrative. When future generations question the sanity of the voters who cast ballots for an unqualified man of such putrescent character, the We Party demonstrations announce that a majority of us do recognize the danger. Unlike the Koch-funded astro turf that was the Tea Party, the We Party is truly grassroots: like the Arab Spring which purged dictators across North Africa, the movement is leaderless, hopeful, democratic and massive. Trump may be a monster, but he has awakened the sleeping giant. The progressive center of the United States has proved limitless when called to action, even in the face of tremendous odds. The annals of history, detailing the abolition of slavery, anti-war movements dating back to the 1800s and modern civil rights campaigns show this to be fact. The only danger is a tragic return to slumber ahead of the crucial 2018 midterm elections. Future generations now watch.

Image: CNN

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