Doomsday clock two and half minutes from midnight

Trump largely to blame for nudging humanity closer to catastrophe

The doomsday clock has been used to contextualize threats to the planet since 1947.

doomsday clock.jpg
1953 was the last year the doomsday clock was this close to midnight, after Soviet and American testing of hydrogen bombs

Although it sounds like a hyperbolic concept, the clock is actually rigorously maintained by global scientists who put a good deal of thought into analyzing the world’s threats. And since Trump’s election, the potential hazards have grown exponentially: potential war with China, nuclear proliferation, economic collapse, environmental disaster, social instability at home and abroad – all of these issues have been either created or magnified by Trump and his team. Last week, remarks published on the Chinese People Liberation Army’s website stated war with the U.S. had become a “practical reality” under the Trump administration. His penchant for conducting diplomacy via semi-literate juvenile tweets have only helped to aggravate that situation. On nuclear weapons, not only has Trump openly called for nuclear proliferation in Asia, but Congress is so distrustful of his judgement that they are taking the unprecedented step of trying to limit his capacity to launch an attack. Meanwhile, a survey conducted by the University of Chicago found 90 percent of economists to be certain that Trump’s economic proposals would backfire on middle and lower income earners. The EPA is facing drastic cuts and a takeover by climate change deniers, with potentially disastrous consequences. As for instability, riots have already taken place in Mexico over Trump’s insistence they pay for an American border wall, while domestic opposition continues to intensify. All this in only been nine days since Trump was sworn in. We only wonder where the minute hand on the doomsday clock will rest by then.

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