Strike against Trump: February 17

Protests against the White House could force economic interruptions

The protest movement against the illegitimate Donald Trump administration is rapidly graduating from street demonstrations, to forced economic interruptions.

The Women’s March on Washington stirred millions of activists from around the globe

Chattering under the hashtag #NationalStrike, the Twitterverse is busy planning the next great act of resistance to Trump’s agenda. The resistance movement has steadily grown since spontaneous protests broke out in the immediate wake of Trump’s shock victory on November 8th. Later, protesters largely upstaged Trump’s inauguration by staging the largest protest in U.S. history. Activists were given yet another reason to march when Trump signed an unlawful executive order banning almost everyone born in seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the country, including legal residents. The strike currently holds the interest of 42,000 people on a Facebook event page, and is currently too early in its fomentation to discern how impactful it may be. Francine Prose recently called for the strike as a means for the movement to flex its muscle by avoiding work and commerce of any kind. While strikes of this nature have proven very effective in shaping past political outcomes in other countries, without a set of demands it may be unlikely for that to repeat itself here.The protest movement has, so far, put pressure on congressional Democrats to oppose the nefarious agenda of Trump and the GOP as they seek to strip hard-fought civil rights from the citizens they seek to rule. While this may pay some short-term dividends, a successful 2018 election cycle might be the ultimate prize before the end of Trump’s first term, but it should be noted: it only takes 3.5 percent of a country’s population to topple a dictator.

Image: Facebook

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