The Davis Museum’s “Art-Less” approach to Trump’s executive order

Exhibit highlights contributions to its galleries made by immigrants

From February 16th to February 21st, The Davis Museum at Wellesley College will be taking an active stance on President Trump’s executive order barring entry into the country from seven predominantly Muslim nations through Art-Less.

Art-Less is an initiative described by the director of the Davis, ways that “demonstrates in stark and indisputable terms the impact of immigration on our collections”. Nearly 120 artworks in the museum’s permanent collection have either been created by or given to the museum by an immigrant. These pieces make up twenty percent of the pieces on display in the museum’s permanent collection galleries. These include paintings, sculptures and masks from the European, American, African, contemporary and modern collections. The works of art will either be removed entirely or veiled with a black cloth, their presence replaced with a label asserting that it was made by an immigrant or bequeathed to the museum by one. Art-Less underscores the important contributions made to cultural the institution by immigrants through absence, an emotive initiative that the museum encourages cultural institutions nation wide to participate.

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