Caitlyn Jenner: Trump booster-turned-critic?

Trans-star’s latest political statement reveals hypocrisy, greed

Caitlyn Jenner tweeted a video criticizing the Trump administration’s decision to return transgender bathroom rights back to the states yesterday, calling it “a disaster.”

Missing in Jenner’s video (see below) was any acknowledgement of the role she may have played in softening Trump’s image to begin with. She repeatedly praised Trump, not only in interviews, but also on her television show I Am Cait, which had a reach to millions of young voters and the trans community. She may be the only trans person in history to actually turn her transition into financial gain, but her repeated slamming of Hillary Clinton, a candidate who would have protected LGBT youth, and elevation of Donald Trump betrayed any positive legacy she could have given to the trans community. Her outrage in this instance is either faux, or she legitimately lacks the intelligence that tells most LGBT people to stay away from a Republican Party that slithers on the back of the religious right. Either way, her chickens have come home to roost and her response is to single out Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a bully while, oddly, declining to slap President Trump with the same label. Factually, it was not Sessions, but her beloved Donald who has repeatedly bullied virtually anyone who does not share his last name: Latinos, Muslims, women, John McCain. Jenner’s vocal support for candidate-Trump on her reality show revealed it was all about the money; her continued support for the Republican Party reveal it is all about her tax break

The video, posted on Twitter, can be seen here:

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