War on cannabis continues

Nature’s pharmacy will not receive a reprieve under Trump

To anybody who faintly hoped that marijuana may be begrudgingly accepted by the Trump-tinted GOP brand, you should guess again: that hope died when a long-time bigot from Alabama got nominated for Attorney General.

The effects of THC are well known, but cannabidiol (CBD) is another active compound in marijuana that could treat the full spectrum of mental health disorders and cancer

Legitimate dealers of both medicinal and recreational marijuana fear the impending Republican pinch, but their side may have also failed to properly position the issue. Access to cannabis literally means life or death for a huge swath of the population with debilitating ailments. Indeed, if marijuana were only discovered yesterday it would be hailed as a quantum leap for medicine. That the so-called “pro-life” movement consistently shuns this miracle herb is obscene. Among the 700 medical conditions cannabis treats are multiple sclerosis, alcoholism, schizophrenia (no, it does not cause this disease), cancer, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and countless others. With the pharmaceutical establishment badly failing those who suffer from these diseases and others, it is no wonder so many people turn to alternative treatments each year – and why legalized cannabis is so badly needed. While it can be used recreationally, the highs are virtually harmless when compared to alcohol and its effects. The true victims of cannabis prohibition are therefore not stoner teens, but those crippled with illness. Marijuana needs a rebranding, and it is up to the investors and proprietors of legal cannabinoid businesses to deliver. Doing so may just win over the most militant of right-wingers among us and, who knows? A spliff might just put some mellow into the constantly-agitated Trump clique.

Image: Leafly

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