Best countries in the world, according to the world

U.S. drops rank to seventh among nations

The results are in from U.S. News and World Report’s annual best countries ranking, conducted in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania and BAV Consulting.

Switzerland took the top spot in this year’s rankings, largely due to its peaceful nature, robust economy and high quality of life for all citizens

Immediately it becomes apparent the Trump’s election has shaken the sturdy ground that the U.S. enjoyed under Barack Obama, as the country slipped from fourth best in the world to seventh. This is hardly surprising given the vast uncertainties that Trump has given the world over America’s commitments to international treaties and trading agreements. On top of that, the President’s boorish antics have led to no less than three-quarters of global citizens losing some respect for the U.S. for electing him in the first place. America’s position in next year’s rankings will indicate whether that perception sticks or can be turned around.

Occupying the top three spots on the list are Switzerland, Canada and the United Kingdom, respectively. These three countries have obvious commonalities which include universal healthcare and more responsive democracies. Judging from the best countries list, electoral reform and expanded healthcare access are two things that the U.S. should look at in order to remedy its ailing democracy and bring back an American dream that has largely migrated north.

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