Dutch elections halt alt-right in its tracks

Progressive parties claim lion’s share of the votes

In a dramatic rebuff to the fascistic wave that has steadily creeped across Europe, the Netherlands yesterday turned over the keys to government to a melange of centrist and progressive parties, with the Green-Left and Socialist parties seeing the biggest gains.

altright hair
From top left: Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Milo Yiannopoulos and Geert Wilders. What do these four alt-right leaders have in common?

In the weeks leading up to the election, the anti-immigrant candidate Geert Wilders had taken a lead in public opinion polling. His harsh positions on immigration, economic isolation and ridiculous hairdo gave him the “Dutch Trump” moniker. Trump comparisons did not work to his favor, however. Though Brexit was seen as giving the alt-right movement a boost, Trump’s election could be having the opposite effect. While Britain’s decision to leave the European Union is questionable at best, voters in Europe need only to direct their gaze across the pond to see that the election of Trump is a disaster. Between his incompetence at governing, image as Putin’s lapdog and penchant for lying, if Trump is the poster boy of the alt-right it looks like the movement will not be spreading anytime soon. If any other country covets our White House, it isn’t clear which one – except that it isn’t the Netherlands.

Image: Guardian

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