Humorless Trump accidentally makes April Fools’ Day joke

Declares April to be “Sexual Assault Awareness Month”

Donald Trump is known for many things: claiming to be far richer than he is, his man-crush on Vladimir Putin, juvenile tweets, trophy wives, pathological lying and somehow becoming President of the United States.

His sense of humor is not one of them. In fact, audible laughter is so anathema to Trump that it has spawned a veritable cottage industry among journalists devoted to ruminating on the subject. To start the month this year though, Trump poked fun at himself by invoking another activity he is infamous for – sexual assault. By declaring April to be “Sexual Assault Awareness Month,” Trump stared down the ironies of his own past misconduct while delivering one of the most mean-spirited April Fools’ Day jokes of all-time. Sexual assault is obviously no laughing matter, and it takes a special kind of person to urge support for “survivors of sexual assault and work together to prevent these crimes in their communities,” while facing 10 accusations of sexual assault and harassment himself. Not only did Trump decline to offer any support or reconciliation to his victims, but he threatened to sue them. The blatant hypocrisy found between Trump’s statements and actions in regards to sexual assault certainly rank this among the most cruel of April Fools’ Day jokes. If Trump has a sense of humor, it is shared by only the most sociopathic among us.

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