Martha Wilson takes brand of satire to Donald Trump

Artist continues tradition of impersonating politicians

For the past thirty years, artist Martha Wilson has used humor, wit and candor to challenge the perceived roles imposed on women in society.

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Trump’s “rigging” talk invades Twitterverse

#IfTheMediaRiggedTheElection trends Wednesday afternoon

Donald Trump’s whiney insistence that the media has rigged the election against him has reached a fever pitch both on the stump and with his self-described legion of “deplorables,” shown in these tweets below:

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Newt Gingrich shamelessly promotes fiction on Hannity

Latest appearance cements his plight from politician to huckster

Newt Gingrich appeared on  Hannity Monday night in a conspicuous display of product placement, as he chose to seat himself in front of a shelf of neatly stacked copies of his novel Treason.

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