March for Science: protesting Republican ignorance

Nationwide protests planned on Earth Day

International scientists are pondering boycotts of conferences held in America due to the increasingly hostile anti-intellectual climate fulminating across the country.

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Obama’s top five triumphs

No revolutionary, Obama demonstrated the power of pragmatism

As Obama says his farewells and Trump prepares to invade the executive, it seems appropriate to ruminate on the outgoing President’s accomplishments and perceived shortcomings.

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Bill Gates has optimistic outlook for alternative energy under Trump administration

Does the optimism square with reality?

Bill Gates raised some eyebrows this week when he suggested that alternative energies would not be affected by the incoming policies of Trump’s administration, which is largely brimming with climate change deniers.

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Climate change is killing reindeer

Over 80,000 animals have starved to death in Russian Arctic

Due to the Earth’s axial tilt and rotation, the polar regions are always a flashpoint when atmospheric conditions change; this is the reason that the hole in the ozone layer hovers over the South Pole rather than the equator.

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