How do you solve a problem like Korea?

Outcome of the current game of chicken between U.S. and North Korea is uncertain

For decades the Korean peninsula has maintained a persistent state of conflict, a ceasefire acting as the thin red line separating peace from all-out war.

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Indiana taxpayers now subsidizing a multinational conglomerate

Trump’s Carrier deal previews “trickle-up” economic policies

While the details have not been released, it appears that Trump is tickled pink over a new deal between his running mate’s administration in Indiana and United Technologies to keep about 800 jobs in the state at a cost of at least seven million taxpayer dollars.

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#NameAPenceMusical: Twitter’s best reactions to VP-elect’s Hamilton ordeal

Trump’s shaming of Broadway audience sparks backlash

Mike Pence stirred up controversy over the weekend when he drew boos from the audience over his attendance.

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