The future of health care in America

GOP ‘American Health Care Act’ is the latest chapter of US medical saga

Health care has once again taken center stage in American politics, as the House of Representatives punts an Obamacare replacement to the Senate.

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Obama’s top five triumphs

No revolutionary, Obama demonstrated the power of pragmatism

As Obama says his farewells and Trump prepares to invade the executive, it seems appropriate to ruminate on the outgoing President’s accomplishments and perceived shortcomings.

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2017 political forecast: Top five things to watch

A new year awaits, but yesteryear will continue to haunt us

2016 was a tumultuous year, claiming the lives of beloved pop icons from David Bowie to Carrie Fischer, not to mention the defenestration of the Democratic Party from American high office at the hands of a madman, and further aggravation of existing environmental quandaries.

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