March for Science: protesting Republican ignorance

Nationwide protests planned on Earth Day

International scientists are pondering boycotts of conferences held in America due to the increasingly hostile anti-intellectual climate fulminating across the country.

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2017 political forecast: Top five things to watch

A new year awaits, but yesteryear will continue to haunt us

2016 was a tumultuous year, claiming the lives of beloved pop icons from David Bowie to Carrie Fischer, not to mention the defenestration of the Democratic Party from American high office at the hands of a madman, and further aggravation of existing environmental quandaries.

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Band of buffalo bolster pipeline protests

Reminder of ancient connection between Sioux and the landscape

As if to weigh in on the controversial construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, a herd of wild buffalo appeared today at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, as protestors there came under the truncheon of police and National Guard (video can be seen here).

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