Best countries in the world, according to the world

U.S. drops rank to seventh among nations

The results are in from U.S. News and World Report’s annual best countries ranking, conducted in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania and BAV Consulting.

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U.S. jumps 12 spots in 2016 climate rankings

Obama leaves improved climate policies, renewable energy trends to successor

Out of 58 countries ranked by Climate Action Network Europe, the U.S. has shown considerable improvement in its international standings for climate action, landing at the 34th slot over last year’s 46th.

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Trump’s “rigging” talk invades Twitterverse

#IfTheMediaRiggedTheElection trends Wednesday afternoon

Donald Trump’s whiney insistence that the media has rigged the election against him has reached a fever pitch both on the stump and with his self-described legion of “deplorables,” shown in these tweets below:

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