How do you solve a problem like Korea?

Outcome of the current game of chicken between U.S. and North Korea is uncertain

For decades the Korean peninsula has maintained a persistent state of conflict, a ceasefire acting as the thin red line separating peace from all-out war.

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Newest Trump appointment increases friction with China

Peter Navarro has history of demonizing the Asian power

No sooner did we speculate about a coming war with China than was Peter Navarro, China-antagonist extraordinaire, appointed to a trade post in the President-elect’s incoming administration.

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The coming war with China

Trump’s erratic antagonizing of Asia’s largest power threatens to spiral into conflict

For all of the puzzling things to emerge during the 2016 election cycle, the most enigmatic may well have been the popular perception that Hillary Clinton was more hawkish than Donald Trump and, hence, a greater threat to peace.

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